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Telephone Engineer in Peterlee

Are you having problems with your telephone or broadband? Crackly Line? Slow internet connection? Don’t want to pay high BT prices but want the quality of work from a BT Engineer?  Call us now and we will be with you in no time, we offer professional expertise and unbeatable low prices. We can also offer our services to repair or replace a broken telephone socket, relocate a telephone socket, relocate or install Ethernet sockets for your broadband or setup numerous extension sockets around your home for all of your gadgets.

Welcome to Connect2Net
Professional Low Cost Residential Telephone Engineering Services for the North East of England.

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday - 08:00am - 08:00pm
Call us on: 0191 569 3273 or 07904661267

Why come to us...

We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide and the feedback we receive from our customers. Choosing Connect2Net for any of your Telephone or Internet problems will not only get your problem fixed but it will be done quickly, with little hassle and the work will be carried out professionally at all times.

  • Connect2Net aim to provide the best possible service at the best possible price that is why we are very competitive in our prices
  • We are not currently a V.A.T. registered company therefore there is no dreaded tax to be added at the end of your bill - just one low cost price
  • We are a local company, based in Peterlee, County Durham serving the North East of England
  • It is our guarantee that any work that is requested from us will be fully undertaken
  • We understand that first impressions count that’s why we are polite, reliable, trustworthy, honest, competent and fully trained to ensure our customer relations is to the standard of our work
  • You need someone who knows and understands you therefore your personal engineer will always be available to contact before and after work is carried out. Also, if in the future you require further services we will send out the same engineer again, as promised.

All of our installations will be completed within the same week, usually within three days of the customer making the enquiry. We can offer you appointments for the late morning, afternoon or evening. Although we do our best to arrive at your home at the date and time that we arranged please allow a little delay as traffic conditions are out of our control.

Our working hours are as follows: Monday to Sunday - 08:00am - 08:00pm [Get an Online Quote Now]

Why might you need our services?

There are many reasons why you may require our services, we have listed a select few which seem to be the most popular. If your reason is on the list call us now to book an appointment or contact us online. If your reasoning is not in the list you should still call or E-mail us to enquire about your problem, it could be something really simple or something that might require our services. Either way we are here to help. No job is too small so do not feel as though you are wasting our time, we are very happy to help.

  • You have bought a new computer but need a phone point in-order to have it connected to the internet
  • You have just moved into your new home and would like to have multiple phones around your home but there is currently only one socket and you require more
  • You would like to move your computer to another room in your home but there is no socket in that room to connect it to the internet
  • Your broadband is running very slow and you have been told that it is because you are running it off an extension lead and require a socket to plug it into instead
  • You have an office at home and wish to connect multiple devices to your phone line e.g. telephone, fax machine or router
  • Your cordless phones are not working as well as they could be because the receiver is too far away
  • Your current socket is in an awkward place which you wish to be moved to somewhere more suited to you
  • You have contacted your broadband company to complain about the speed of their broadband and they have told you it is your phone line extension
  • You are having sky installed and do not have a socket near the TV, you do not wish to move the TV but you also do not want unsightly streams of wire around your home
  • Your wireless internet is running slow, is your wireless router connected to an extension? If you plug the router into the main socket is it too far away? You may want to put the router somewhere more suitable that may speed up your wireless broadband and therefore require a new socket in a suitable location
  • You have only used your main telephone socket for a landline telephone since you moved in but have recently bought and connected a computer to the internet but the broadband keeps failing
  • You wish to connect your fax machine to the phone line
  • The telephone wiring in your house is unsightly or previous work carried out was poor
  • You require any of the following: broadband, ADSL, Sky TV, Fax Machines or Wireless Internet

Call us now... 07904661267
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