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Our Services

Our Main Services

  • Fault Finding and Repairs
  • New Extension Sockets for telephone and broadband
  • Accelerator and filtered sockets for Broadband
  • Socket Relocation
  • Rewiring


We cover many areas of the North East of England including Sunderland, Hartlepool, Durham, East Durham and surrounding areas; please contact us if you are unsure about your location.

We guarantee to undertake all telephone and internet faults and repairs. Our telephone engineers are fully trained and are able to repair internet and broadband sockets.

Our home services starts from where your telephone line comes into your home.

Very often we find that telephone suppliers blame other companies’ equipment rather than helping you get to the bottom of your problem and resolving it. Connect2Net are able to confirm whether or not an internet fault has been caused by your broadband supplier, due to your telephone wire extension, due to your modem/router, due to your telephone/internet socket or due to your computer.

BT Line Faults

Computer Home Network/Wireless & Internet

Faults and Causes

BT Line Faults

Unfortunately we are not able to resolve a BT line fault however we are able to identify whether or not the outside line is in fact faulty. If you contact BT before knowing whether or not the problem is inside or outside your house then they will send out a BT Openreach telephone engineer who will locate the problem, if they find that the problem is from inside the house then they will charge you for that call out and will not repair your problem they will simply unplug the device or wire that is causing the problem. You will then be required to pay someone else to repair the issue and to get everything working.

If you call Connect2Net first we will distinguish the problem, whether outside or in, if it is inside we will repair the problem for you which avoids you incurring a charge from a BT Openreach engineer. If we find that your problem is related to the outside line then that is the time to contact a BT engineer who will repair the faults.

Computer Home Network/Wireless & Internet

In this technological world homes are now required more than ever to serve a vast range of telephone and broadband equipment. Many people now use wireless broadband, other still use wiring and cables. We have found that a modern home frequently needs the use of both to connect all of the homes devices together and to the internet. For example having 1 or 2 computers, a laptop, a network printer, a wireless printer, an X-Box, a Playstation 3, iPods and an iPhone all in one house will require different equipment in-order to get online.

Connect2Net offer a professional, low cost, service that can help to get all of your devices and gadgets online and to solve your network problems. We can answer any questions you have over the telephone whenever you have one, and are available to carry out any work when you need us. Do not waste your time with call centres, call us whenever you have a problem and we can give you quick and simple advice to dealing with your issue.

Faults and Causes



Noisy crackly line

Internal or external fault - check at test socket

No dialling tone

Internal or external fault - check at test socket

Intermittent noisy line

Internal or external fault - check at test socket when fault occurs

Intermittent noise on line which changes depending on the weather

Most likely external fault - check at test socket

Over hearing crossed line

If you have only one line coming into the property then it is most likely an external fault.

Faint line

90% of the time this is due to too many phones plugged in. You should try to keep the amount of phones in your home to a maximum of 4. Try unplugging some.

ADSL connection heard over line

This may be due to faulty installed wiring (star wired), wiring contact fault, faulty or no ADSL filter fitted on a connected phone, ADSL equipment faulty on sky box or other equipment. Unplug everything to find out.

Outgoing calls are okay but there are no incoming calls

This is most likely and exchange fault or a call divert on your line. Contact your service provider. You may even have a different phone number especially if you are receiving unwanted calls asking for an unknown person.

Telephone only rings once on an incoming call

If you can make outgoing calls but only hear a single ring when you receive an incoming call this is most likely an internal fault.

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